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i know i did my intro last night, but now i can't see it - so livejournal must have been lying to me and not posting anything i wrote! arrrgg
so again:
hi! my name is kristen. i did WW last year and in 5 months lost 30 pounds. i stopped losing and that combined with financial problems, led me to stop attending meetings, then i just totally fell of the wagon and gained back all the weight. so i recommited myself february of this year and i'm super happy i'm sticking to it. =)
my 1st 10% is 18.1 pounds. if i keep losing at the rate i'm going now, i could say that'd take me like 3 months. so for may maybe i'd weigh 162.9 to start - my 2nd 10% would be 146.6 at around august. then by november i'd be going for my 3rd 10% 132 which passes my goal of 135. seems so simple and close when i work it out like that. ::sigh::
i'm in it for the long run. so why not
good luck everyone!
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