ljthomas (fatgirl76) wrote in 10percent_club,

starting tomorrow

I read your info page and I believe I fall in technically but then not in other cases. I started my weight loss journey in January at 200 lbs. I just started watching what I ate closer and quit my office job to clean houses (for my son's sake-he is type 1 diabetic and I needed to find something in our tiny home town). Over the last couple of months I have lost 20 lbs (hence the 10%) and weighed in tonight at 180.5. Unfortunatly I have hit a plateau and need a boost. My friend (who does WW and has lost around 20 lbs so far) highly recommended WW and sent me the start up info. I am starting the Weight Watchers point plan tomorrow morning hoping it gives me the boost I need. I will post everything I eat (if I have time) the points my weight etc in my personal journal if anyone is interested. Didnt want to fill up friends pages with that kind of info. I hope it is okay I have joined here. I need all the motivation I can get. Also starting tomorrow I hope to put in more organized exercise instead of just the cleaning (granted it is 4-6 hours a day of hard cleaning) to also give me a boost. I have my 10 year class reunion in about 1 month and I really want to be down another 10 pounds by then. Thanks for reading!!!!
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