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Friends? (x-posted)

I started a journal la_sirenita for recording my meals and exercise, but also to journal my feelings as I re-start the WW program. I journal what triggers certain feelings and storyboard how things could have been done or how I could have made a better decision. I also write how I feel about eating points that I feel were wasted. But also, writing about successes I had.

I joined WW in '03 weighing 167. I lost 25 pounds and am a true believer to the program.

I had to stop going to meetings since I began grad school. It was very stressful since I was going to work and school both full time. Bad food was all around. But I finished my first year this Spring (all A's by the way) and now I have the summer off (well, I'm still working full time, but I'm off from school). So I rejoined on Tuesday.
I had gained about 6 pounds over that year I was in school. So now I re-joined to lose those 6 pounds and to continue on my way to goal.

Currently I am:
27 years old
148 lbs.

I have 14 lbs to lose for 10% and to put me pretty much at goal.

The reason for this post is to find others who have this kind of journal who would like to make a friend. I want to help and support others but also I know I need support too. So leave a comment and add me if you wish.
Good luck!
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