tartlet (xpiecrustx) wrote in 10percent_club,


well hello, i just started up this journal again after a 2 year weightloss hiatus. but i'm back and i'm better (and bigger) than ever. so here i go.

i just joined WW on thursday, so today is my second day of doing it. i'm on points, which seems to be working well, but as i said, it's only been 2 days. my first 10% is 17 pounds. in fact, i've broken it all down right here.

current: 170
first goal (10%): 153
second goal (10%): 138
third goal (10%): 125
final goal (4%): 120

i'm 5'1, so if you're thinking that i'm trying to be waif like or anything, i'm not. 120 is about in the middle of what they say i'm supposed to weigh for being so short.

anyway, i'm super excited about this and i was wondering if anyone had any tips for the newbie...things you wished you knew when you started, etc. i would really appreciate it.

and also, if anyone wants a weight loss buddy, i'm in the market for one!
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