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A Yyear on the Plan (x-posted)

I started Weight Watchers on 6/9/04. Since then I have:

lost 48.8 lbs
dropped down from a 26/28 clothing range to a 18/20 range with occassional pieces that are 14/16s.
been able to physically move better
have a better outlook on my health prospects
feel better about myself

With work and luck, I hope to hit the 50lb range in a week or two. One of the milestones in my brain is to at least hit the weight I was when I finished high school- which was about 185, and then get to what is a healthy weight for me. I think I'm close to what I was after I gained the "freshman 15" which in my case was more like a freshman 30.

Start weight 272.8 Current 224.0 Net change -48.8
Start 6/9/04, 10% on 9/15/04 next goal - the next 10 lbs
Decending the decades: 270-6/23, 260-7/8, 250-8/15, 240-10/13, 230-4/13/05
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