the mom from hell (clbd) wrote in 10percent_club,
the mom from hell

Weight watchers and my progress

As the mother of two college age young women (empty nest)I have found I have plenty of time now to take care of me. My youngest and I joined Weight Watchers on line back in January. The subscription was in her name and she got to weigh in every week but hey it worked. I started at 216 and by early May I was down to 183. I lost the weight so fast that I felt lousy so I stopped dieting for the summer. ( not my brightest idea but hey it all works out in the end.) By time said youngest left for college this fall I was back to 196.5. I rejoined for me only now. My girls can log in and use the site if they chose but that is their business, not mine. I am back to 185.5 now so I have hit my first 10% but alas not my own true 10% in my own log in.

The funny thing is the first time I dieted it really did not show maybe because it came off so fast it did not have time to settle. Now this much later I am down a bra size ( not that most people can notice) and down at least two pant sizes.(that gets noticed!) I am still a big woman have lots to go and figured that LJ might have something to offer and sure enough it does. Just in time to garner some support for the upcoming holidays.

So thanks for being here and I hope to be able to help others too.
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