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1. What's your name?

Sandra Mort, like the screen name says ;)

2. Where do you live?

Currently living in Baltimore MD, hoping to move to Bklyn in the fall.

3. Why did you join this group?

Looking for some moral support, some tips, some sharing of my (sadly extensive) experience on WW ;)

4. What is your history with dieting and exercise?

Been on various pay diets but the only one I'd personally recommend is WW. I like the Zone (moderate carbs balanced w/ fat and protein) and have incorporated some of the principles into my day to day life.

Exercising is something I haven't done enough of and with my back injury I need to move a little slowly, but I have a weekly walking date with a friend and started a yoga class this past week. Hopefully my infant will cooperate with being left in the babysitting room. *sigh* It's medically necessary but still. Bleah.

5. What is your current weight loss goal, and why? How do you think you're doing?

Would you believe I don't really know? I mean, when people *ask* I say my goal is 161, but that's just because my all time adult low (during college) was 162 and I'd like to be below that. I was 258 when I got pregnant with my youngest child, gained at least 30 lbs during pregnant and (as always) took it all off by 6 weeks postpartum. When he was three months old, I went on a strict diet to identify allergies and made it down to under 200. This week, I dropped the diet to see if he had outgrown them and so far he's doing well, but I want to continue losing, so I'm going onto WW again to keep in the right direction.

How am I doing? Well, if weight loss is the goal, I'm down 60 or so lbs and have gone from size 26 to size 16 and those are getting loose too. But my muscle tone is poor and I'm very weak, as I said, because of a back injury. Working on overall health and fitness is a high priority for this summer. I've got a Monday or Wednesday morning date to go walking with a friend. Tuesday afternoons I usually go out w/ the kids and husband and often get a good bit of walking done. Fridays I'll be taking yoga. Somewhere in there I'm hoping to take a water aerobics class, too. Weekends often have lots of walking involved, and summer is coming and we go to the beach. Ideally, I'd like to fit in one more exercise class on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings, since the gym that I just joined last Monday is walking distance from my house and they do babysitting in the mornings.

6. Do you have any limitations on what you can do? (Time, energy, resources or physical constraints): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny question! Let's see. Three kids (7, 5 and 1), two of them homeschooled. Back injury, depression and asthma. Somewhat limited money. No television or vcr for workouts at home, though I've got a tv tuner card on the pc and am hoping to figure out how to watch the videos on FitTv. And for at least one more week the car will be in the shop. A blessing and a curse -- we're walking more when we go out, but going out less often.

7. What kind of support network do you have currently? Friends, family, a gym near my house.

8. Any tips to share? Not offhand, but maybe later. Today I'm sleepy ;)
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