Misha, pearlsnlace (femme_roses) wrote in 10percent_club,
Misha, pearlsnlace

Weight Watchers 10 percent

As of last saterday, I made my 10% weight loss goal of losing 28 pounds. I told some freinds at church, and my sister in law, and they were less than suppportive- I got, wow that was fast in a dubious way from people. What the heck/? that was only 2 pounds per week if you average it out.
This week Ive been sick, and struggling with the outrageous snacking. I am sure I have slid a bit.If for nothing else, I havent been tracking points. (yikes!!) I have only been to the gym 3 times this week. Thats a big drop from going 5-9 times in a week. I think I need a new little goal, like that 10 percent was. Not sure what to make it though. My initial WW starting point was 277.6 pounds. I have an ultimate goal of getting to 160, wich is decent for my height. Right now, that feels impossible. In fact, just getting in the 240's feels like its taking forever.
I think Im going to get off my feeling sick and also sorry for my self hiney and go to the gym.
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